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Fredrik is an experienced inspiration and motivational speaker who makes you live by the motto, “Nothing is impossible”!

Fredrik Sträng talks about decision-making, crisis management, leadership, peak performance, winning culture, and how to reach your corporate “Mount Everest.”

Book Fredrik for your next kick-off or conference and you will be treated with laughter, tears, plenty of insights and receive a big vitamin injection!

Fredrik Sträng is the Närke guy who was bullied, notoriously afraid of heights, and who went to therapy for his fear of death to become Sweden’s foremost high-altitude climber with, e.g. seven peaks above 8000 m and a Guinness World Record. After climbs on life and death, and where Mount Everest was one of the mountains that Fredrik climbed, he knows that his attitude determines whether he succeeds or fails, whether he survives or not. The key to success is having much fun at work, loving headwinds, and realizing that if your thoughts, words, and behaviours aren’t aligned with your goal, you should change your strategy!

How did Fredrik turn his fear of heights and fear of death into vanquishing the highest mountains in the world? Fredrik reasons that “it’s not about where we are, but where we are going” that determines how we relate to the outside world, so Fredrik has adopted a proactive role instead of thoughts of blame and the jargon “it never works”.

Fredrik’s quest to reach the top has striking similarities to the driving forces, strategies, and risk analyses we face at work and in everyday life. What then is required to succeed with your “Mount Everest”? Ask yourself: how much do you want to reach your goal on a scale from 1-10? If you are on a five, then you should change your goal. But if you are at a seven, how do you get to an eight, then to a nine, until focusing on your goal becomes as necessary as the air you breathe?

Successful teams in the mountains have a well-defined goal, clear roles and an open communication climate because the team is never stronger than the weakest link.

In 2008, Fredrik undertook the almost unthinkable challenge, K2 – the world’s most challenging mountain. It was a tragic year. Eleven people lost their lives. Fredrik’s team focused on the rescue work instead of climbing towards the top. Fredrik talks about “summit fever”, a phenomenon that is not only recognized in climbing but also in the business world, where the goal becomes personal. Despite clear warning signals, one does not refuse to invest good money in bad deals. In climbing, the consequence can be sudden death. In business, it can mean the survival of the company.

Fredrik Sträng föreläser på TEDx i Limassol

Ask yourself:
do you want to climb your “Mount Everest”,
or do you rather have it climbed?

choose a lecture that suits you:

Reach the top and feel at top
How to be your best self a little more often? An inspiring lecture about motivation, decision-making and goal-setting. Fredrik talks about insights and lessons from the mountaintops that you can apply daily.

Job satisfaction and motivation
Fredrik is not only an experienced mountaineer but also an expert in overcoming challenges and finding joy in difficult situations. His adventures have equipped him with a unique ability to inspire teams to find joy in work life and to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership on life and death
This lecture is on decision-making processes under extreme conditions, the theory of assessment, decisions, orientation, risk management and orders. On K2, the world’s toughest mountain, you can’t think you know; you have to know. Join Fredrik on a breathtaking journey and gain an understanding and knowledge of how to handle extreme situations.

A crisis rarely turns into a disaster, but for many of us, crisis means disaster. We anticipate the worst will happen; we worry and spend too much time and energy on catastrophic thinking. Fredrik offers a unique opportunity to take the bull by the horns and see things for what they are. You’ll receive plenty of inspiring tools and intelligent ways to deal with crises.

Winning team
What makes some teams more successful than others? Fredrik presents the success factors in a truly successful team and shows how, together, you can turn weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities.

Summit fever
Summit fever occurs not only in climbing but also in business. When you have put a lot of time and energy into achieving a goal, it risks becoming personal. Despite clear warning signals, they do not interrupt. You have to reach the top – whatever it takes. In this lecture, Fredrik shows how you can become better at making the right decisions, even under extreme pressure and stress.

Fredrik Sträng föreläser på TEDx Göteborg

“A mountain does not become less steep just because I complain. What I can change is my attitude to the angel” – Fredrik Sträng


Listen to Fredrik:

About Fredrik Sträng:

Climbed seven of the world’s highest mountains incl. Mount Everest, 7 Summits (the highest mountain on every continent) at Guinness World Record and the first Swede
3 documentary films for Swedish TV4, SVT, National Geographic and Discovery
Book: “7 mountains, 7 continents, 7 months,” and “K2 On life and death”
Authorized ACMC Meta-Coach and ICF Sport Coach
Founder and project manager for the winter obstacle-race Everest Challenge
Research assistant for study on decisions in extreme environments (


Swedish & English


Fredrik is frequently hired as a motivational speaker for companies such as e.g. Volvo, SAAB, Sandvik, Cisco Systems, Midroc, PEAB, IBM, Samhall, ESRI-Group, Skanska, Alfa Laval, KPMG, Vattenfall, E-on, SEB, Postnord, Swedbank, Folksam, Santander, Michelin and others. 

Recommendations can be found at LinkedIn

Profilbild på Johanna Rågvall som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Johanna Rågvall Familjens Jurist

We at Familjens Jurist had the privilege of listening and being inspired by Fredrik's lecture. His sympathetic appearance, mixture of humor and seriousness made the lecture a real success. Highly recommended!

Profilbild på Mathias som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Matthias Lenz Head of Finance Nordics & Baltics at Mastercard

On behalf of the Mastercard Nordics & Baltics team, I would like to thank Fredrik for his incredibly engaging motivational lecture. We engaged Fredrik during the COVID-19 outbreak, and although his world seemed different at first, he was able to connect the challenges of the highest mountains in the most extreme environments and the challenges of a pandemic crisis. Fredrik managed to relate his expeditions with the theme, which not only makes it useful for the organization but also for the individual. Fredrik's presentation technique and his lively stories absolutely piqued the interest and curiosity of the team and motivated everyone to think about how to better prepare and deal with the unknown. I can wholeheartedly recommend Fredrik.

Profilbild på Annemarie Gardshol som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Annemarie Gardshol CEO PostNord Sverige

Thank you Fredrik for attending our top management conference at PostNord Strålfors earlier this year. By sharing your experiences in an engaging and inspiring way, you challenged us to reflect on our goal, our Mount Everest, the importance of appreciating the journey towards the goal and the power of cooperation and building strong teams. You inspire to new ways of thinking and to really reflect on what matters and what will be the source of energy when one encounter the true challenge of a challenge.

Profilbild på Amanda Bonde Kalén som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Amanda Bonde Kalén MTR Pendeltågen AB

”What an inspirational speech”, ”Fredrik was outstanding” ”Fredrik’s association to overcome his fear by thorough planning and through great teamwork was something I could really relate to”.

Profilbild på Emanuelle som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Emanuele Mazzanti EY

Fredrik has achieved incredible feats in life, which helps him share his message of inspiration and motivation. Over the past 24 years, I have attended hundreds of events with speakers from around the world. Fredrik's message of resilience, risk-taking, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, combined with his storytelling on mountain expeditions and his love of nature, but above all his ability to connect with his audience placed him in the top ten speaker category for me. His journey, of facing his fears, thinking smaller and chasing his dreams, makes for lessons that will stay with you long after the talk is over. He really makes you feel like you can accomplish incredible, unattainable things in your life if you just put your best foot forward, stop putting yourself down, and start trusting yourself. What a treat from a humble yet extremely determined man. I look forward to inviting Fredrik again for my corporate audience, and I know you'd love to hear from him too!

Profilbild på Fredrik Thim som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Fredrik Thim IF skadeförsäkringar

The ascent of Kebnekaise was an incredible "boost" for the team. Thanks to Fredrik, we have arrived in both physical and mental top shape. Fredrik found a perfect level of challenge and when we managed to reach the top (and come down) we feel unstoppable! Nothing can stop us after we pass this, for us, extreme challenge! So I recommend all teams that want to develop to contact Fredrik Sträng to get help to climb "their" mountain. PS It was a privilege to spend time with Fredrik during these days. A wonderful personality that has an easy laugh and creates conviction and faith that you will achieve your goals and challenges!

Profilbild på Kristoffer som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Kristoffer Schjött-Quist Pointbreak AB

I have worked with Fredrik many times. Both as a lecturer and organized by company conferences. Fredrik is inspiring and motivating and strengthens his message with exciting (personally experienced) stories from success, adversity, and rise and fall in one of the world's most dangerous environments. Top performance from the world's roof - with a great commitment to the environment and personal development.

Profilbild på Marie Lennartsson som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Marie Lennartsson Sales and marketing consultant at AFRY

Fredrik is an invaluable resource and is one of the absolute best moderators/conferences/lecturers I have employed. In a very short time, he absorbs information and acquires an overall picture of the assignment. What angle should his contribution have, what is important to the audience, what does the end customer want to convey, etc.. An enormously great intelligence together with very great special skills and intellectual personality make him a completely unbeatable supplier in this. As he also has a background as an entrepreneur, he is independent in the assignment and fast and flexible. I have had high expectations of Fredrik on every occasion and he has exceeded them every time. I am ALWAYS extremely confident in recommending and hiring Fredrik Sträng as a conferencer, deliverer or partner!

Profilbild på Mikko Juuti som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Mikko Juuti Chief Executive Officer at Kasve Oy

I have rarely come across such a genuine personality that stands out like Fredrik. His ability to stay positive, stay inspired and motivated even in the toughest places and situations in the world is exceptional and continues to amaze me. It has been a privilege to get to know him in the business world and as a friend in mentorship. In his talks and workshops, Fredrik's exceptional stories and life experience come across naturally, something you can easily relate to, regardless of background or work experience. No matter what your background, he makes sure to leave everyone with a smile on their face. As a speaker and leader, Fredrik deserves my highest recommendation.

Profilbild på Pierre Million som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Pierre Million CRM manager Bokus

Fredrik and I have worked with customer events during my time at Dagens Industri. We conducted a lecture / film screening event at Cosmonova for the then DI Gold members. The event was successful and well-liked by the guests. I can highly recommend Fredrik Sträng as a lecturer and for a corporate event.

Profilbild på Cecilie Moxheim som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Cecilie Moxheim CEO at Mediafy AB

When we decided that this year's conference would be to climb Kebnekaise together, Fredrik was an obvious person to hire to help, inspire, prepare and motivate the team for this challenge. In addition to leading us to the top, we also received an inspiring lecture and an unforgettable experience. Can really recommend Fredrik, both as a guide and lecturer.

Profilbild på Henrik_Morck som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Henrik Mörck Länsförskringar Fastighetsförmedling Örebro

We sat a large number of participants and summed up the day after your performance and were incredibly impressed and tagged, I also want you to share this positive! To be given the task of giving an inspiring and motivating speech in front of a group of people is not easy. Based on previous events, it is a very small part of the speakers who break through and get the whole audience with them - you succeeded in the very best way! A wonderfully well-formulated and very well-structured section of the conference gave a lot of energy and focus on creating a target image and tackling setbacks along the way. In relation to standing on an icy mountain, our everyday problems feel easily surmountable.

Profilbild på Stefan Broman som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Stefan Broman Insight Events Sweden

Have hired Fredrik several times as a speaker at various conferences such as Servicedesk Forum 2018 and can warmly recommend him. Fredrik is an incredibly inspiring speaker who effectively weaves in his own experiences so that they are adapted based on the participants' conditions both within the company and on a personal level. He always gets the highest marks from our participants!

Profilbild på Fredrik Johansson som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Fredrik Johansson Woody Bygghandel AB

I have had the opportunity to work with Fredrik with various companies and most recently with Woody Bygghandel. I have always been very satisfied with the delivery. To challenge and provoke in a way that makes large groups and individual employees stop, reflect and develop is an art that Fredrik masters. Adapting to the respective assignments, expectations but also to the dynamics and composition of the group is done in a brilliant way. My warmest recommendations for Fredrik.

Profilbild på Magnus Duvnäs som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Magnus Duvnäs Rektor Husby Skola

Fredrik contributed strongly to two camp schools at Husbygårdsskolan in September 2017. He led exercises with the school's students in grades 4 and 7, in working together, learning about life and overcoming challenges through outdoor rock climbing and indoor wall climbing. Fredrik met the students in a very respectful and inspiring way. I was particularly impressed that Fredrik also mastered supporting and guiding young people in a low-key and humble way.

Profilbild på Örjan Johansson som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Örjan Johansson ATEA

I have used Fredrik as a lecturer and he was very responsive and interested in listening to our needs and understanding our business. During the lecture, he made recurring connections to our theme. Highly recommended!

Profilbild på Niklas Malmfors som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Niklas Malmfors NCC

NCC Building did on the 8th of May 2017 a conference within sustainability and working safety for all employees. Fredrik made an excellent performance during this day focusing on the similarities between our challenges. The response from the audience where striking and the message that Fredrik sent out really where accepted from all. Thanks to a will from Fredrik to perform 100%, and even more, we highly recommend Fredrik to his future clients. Thank you Fredrik for a great performance!

Profilbild på Carl Vikingsson som lämnat omdöme till alpinisten och föreläsaren Fredrik Sträng
Carl Vikingsson CEO Sigma Technology

We hired Fredrik Sträng as a speaker, organizer of group training sessions and guiding on several occasions. Fredrik talks about the importance of setting clear goals, preparing well and working together as a team to succeed. He is a professional on stage and creates a wonderful connection with the audience, which not only inspires but also arouses many new and exciting thoughts. He is a really good speaker! The group training sessions with Fredrik have been both fun and hard and are a good way to strengthen the we-feeling within a company. I can warmly recommend Fredrik as an inspiration for your next conference/kick-off, for group training or if you need a guide on an adventure.

Lars Hallberg Omställningsfonden

Omställningsfonden, (Transition Fund) whose mission is to support and assist employees who have been dismissed by reason of redundancy, got the idea to climb Kebnekaise together with employees and consultants during summer of 2013. (The mountain has for long been a metaphor for the human and organizational growth.) For this reason, we searched for a source of inspiration and a lecturer who could help us to present the joint project for our people during a conference. Fredrik Sträng was exactly the right person for the task with his amazing climber experience, his contagious joy and his own special ability to inspire. It was a lecture that gave many meaningful thoughts and discussions – a meeting with deep feelings about the moment's seriousness mixed with a lot of humour and positive energy. Our very best recommendations to Fredrik, and we hope to see you again!

Andreas Brandin Stratsys

At Stratsys last user conference for our municipality customers in the public sector; I invited Fredrik as guest speaker. ... As a speaker, Fredrik could really inspire and plant thoughtful parallels with our participants’ problems and challenges, for instance in the implementation of change in their organizations. Fredrik then interweaved this into breathtaking stories of life and death, and with an ability that made us all feel as we were there with him on his way up the dangerous mountain peak of K2. In summary, it was a very interesting lecture! I can really recommend Fredrik Sträng as a speaker in most contexts. Fredrik is brilliant at adapting his address to the participants’ background and the message you want to convey.

Yasir Khokhar CEO at Connecterra

It's been a few days since Fredrik have a talk at our all hands off-site. The team is still talking about it and using his vocabulary in our day to day. Fredrik was awesome and humbling. If you want to energize your team, call Fredrik, you will be amazed.

Anna Högosta Human Resources Director SHL Group AB

Fredrik really captivated all of us in the audience with his stories of navigating in life-or-death situations, motivated us to harness our teamwork and leadership skills to take on our own real-life challenges and conquer our organization´s Everest. He reminded us about the importance of always having a positive attitude and to really make sure that everyone in the team has a clear view of the same goal. I have never had so many positive reactions to a guest speaker before, everyone was hugely impressed by Fredriks story and the passion that he showed telling it. Fredrik clearly revealed just how much of the real challenge that lies within conquering personal fears and having the courage to make the right judgments in exceptionally difficult circumstances. A true inspiration to all of us! Somehow he still managed to make the challenges we face in our jobs relevant on a personal level to his. Fredriks passionate personality and his message of the importance of strong teamwork, will stay with us for a very long time! I really want to give Fredrik the warmest recommendations!

Toppen av K2 i Pakistan under solnedgång uppslukad bland moln
Cheif assistant SBAB SBAB

At an all-day conference on November 21, 2019 for about 70 people, we had an hour-long inspirational lecture on the theme of goals and goal management with Fredrik, who offered us an inspiring journey with both seriousness and lots of laughter. Fredrik offers a lot of himself and gets the whole company involved in a natural and genuine way. Fredrik was also easy to get in touch with and communicate with before the event. Highly recommended!

Toppen av K2 i Pakistan under solnedgång uppslukad bland moln
Mia Ericsson Indutrade AB

I want to thank you for your great talk at our CEO/CFO conference at the NH Collection Hotel last week. With infectious energy and captivating content, the audience was captured from the first moment! The introduction, the common thread and the summary corresponded to the expectations you had. For me personally, it exceeded expectations. Very good indeed. Thank you also for many good quotes that made a big impression and which I take with me along with your impressive stories, shared experiences and the messages about goal setting, self-realization, focus, etc.

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