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What are some of my Success Factors for a healthy life?

Fredrik Sträng poserar glad i ett vattenfall i Nepal

1. Train every day. Eat healthily. Sleep at least eight hours a day. Repeat.

2. Intermitting fasting twice a month (I usually do three days of fasting/per month and 5-7 days twice a year). Check out Prof. David Sinclair for his seminal research on prolonging life.

3. Breathwork (6 healing sounds of qigong, and Wim Hof is a good start if you want to practice).

4. Icebaths. It stings like a bee, but so does life. Chocking the body puts it in defence mode and strengthens it against infections and sickness. Also, learning to live with uncomfortable sensations makes you stronger mentally.

5. Sunlight early in the morning. The melatonin rhythm phase advancement caused by exposure to bright morning light has been effective against insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The melatonin precursor, serotonin, is also affected by exposure to daylight.

6. Zinzino balance oil (please contact me if you want to check your blood vitals with their unique test). It increases your body’s Omega-3 levels and safely restores the fatty acid balance with its unique, synergistic formula because better health is personal. Not a guessing game.

7. Meditation. If our schools advocated for meditation every day in school, not only would it pacify our children and make them more in control of their emotions and focus, their test results and self-esteem would flourish.

8. Yoga Nidra (check out Steve Wolf on Spotify). Phenomenal way of regaining contact with your soma. Great before going to sleep or in the morning.

9. Last but not least. Practice makes perfect.


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