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Do you believe in test-based training/nutrition, or do you prefer guessed-based training/nutrition? Test based can take you to the next level!

Have you ever had that feeling where you’ve been doing something for ages (perhaps even defending it) and then realized that you’ve been doing wrong all along? It could be a workout, a political idea, or a cooking routine.

You’ve probably been told that turmeric is good for your health. Turmeric, with over 600 studied benefits, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for 6,000 years. However, its absorption is challenging due to being fat soluble. To enhance absorption, pairing turmeric with black pepper, containing piperine, can increase curcumin bioavailability by 2,000%. I added turmeric to my diet for many years, jumping on the “new” trend in the Western world and thought that it was so good for me. Then, I realized that intake does not equal uptake (bioavailability). Bummer! Now, how did I really feel? Like it is stupid to let the fire go up the chimney…

I remember as a little child. My parents treated my intense fever by submerging me in hot water in the bathtub. Yes, you read it right. Hot water! That was the general practice back then, and it was tormenting. But we believed that was the proper practice. Thank God we have evolved as a species since then! For a long, I believed that the most efficient way of rinsing a pot with porridge residues was by applying hot water. Wrong again. Use cold water! I even thought that in order to become a better runner, I should avoid going to the gym. After all, I can end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seriously!? And that is a more common excuse for more people than you think to go to the gym! Functional strength training is paramount to becoming a better runner. Of course, it should not add up to most of the hours you train but should be part of your weekly training routines. And the list of wrong beliefs continues…

So let’s be honest. Do you prefer test-based nutrition/training or guessed-based? Wouldn’t you rather know that the food you shuffle into your head and the hours you spend training improve your health and fitness, or is it more important to defend an idea you’ve planted in your head? I can tell you, it stings like a bee when you wake up from the cryosleep and when you realize you’ve been wrong all along. I was wrong all along when it came to Omega-3. Well, I was right that I needed Omega-3; after all, it’s essential to restore the Omega-6:3 balance in the body, which maintains normal brain, heart and immune functions. But just like many times in the past, I reasoned: I’m too busy to listen to this now.

Wait a moment!? I’m too busy listening to something that improves normal brain function, normal immune function, normal bone structure, fights oxidative stress, normal blood pressure, normal cell division, protects cells against oxidative stress, and normal muscle function, among many other things… but I have plenty of time doing things as I’ve always done?

When I took a dry blood test, tested (not guessed) my Omega-3 levels, and received the answer black and white, I was shocked. I had an unhealthy level of Omega 6:3. But I was eating healthy and properly; I’m even a vegan! I asked myself how I could defend spending an enormous amount of money on supplements and a diet that apparently had little effect when there was an 11,5 kr/day (or 1 USD/day) solution to the problem. I then realized that many people defend such a paradigm to their deathbeds. My levels are normal now. I recover faster from my workouts, and I even sleep better.

Do you believe in test-based training/nutrition, or do you prefer continuing with guessed-based training/nutrition? 

Contact me if you want to test your Omega-3 levels and if you want to take your training to the next level!

Now, let’s get on with it!


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