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Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna. The key to Superhuman strength is to continuously take one step, then another.

The key to Superhuman strength is to take one step, then another, and another continuously. In this blog post, I dive into one of my favourite quotes of all time: Sic Parvis Magna – Greatness from small beginnings.

Do you remember the first time you were introduced to the thing you love doing, whether it’s soccer, growing vegetables, playing the flute or any other infatuation? Did you then think, how the heck will I ever be good at this? Did the speed bumpers, the hindrances, and the obstacles blind you from pursuing your hobby? Would it only be regarded as enjoyable if/when you mastered the skill? No, I don’t think so. You enjoyed the process of doing it, no matter if you sucked at it or not. So why quit going to the gym if you know how good and enjoyable it is?  

I have always loved superheroes but never regarded myself as one. I do not intend to impress on others; I try to honour my short time on the planet by giving all I got because a gift not fully taken advantage of is a waste of life. So, I train like a maniac and imagine that if I do not take full responsibility for the energy, drive and opportunity that was given to me then I’m not honouring life. Training like a maniac in one hand makes me safer in the mountains, and in the other hand it gives me the energy reservoirs to enjoy the scenery instead of fighting to put one foot in front of the other all the time.

Superman never robbed any banks or pursued on a rampage to become the richest man in the world. He could have, but instead, he used his superpowers for good. How unselfish isn’t that? I think we all have superpowers, but many of us are too scared to show them because it’s easier to settle for less because if you fall, you don’t fall so hard. I was born in a wicked time in Sweden, where it was customary to diminish one’s self-image. The opposite, hubris isn’t good either, but nothing good comes from thinking I can’t. Which president has ever won an election with the slogan “We can’t!”? So, buckle the f-ck up, do your push-ups and be a superhero!

First time you go to the gym and look in the mirror. Nothing happens. The second time, you go to the gym and look in the mirror. Nothing happens. Third, fourth, fifth… nothing. Then you have a hard time crawling out of your bed because you’re too damn stiff, and your entire body is in agony. But we all suffer, ache, agonise, ail, be at a disadvantage, get racked, deteriorate, endure,

grieve, languish, and/or writhe… but by co-misery, yet cohesiveness, will have experienced a grand

time. So, find a mentor or a partner to whom you must show up, and be accountable to. Because nothing beats overcoming fearful and impossible odds. It’s the best of feelings!

I recently gave a CrossFit introduction to a dozen of people at CrossFit Eken in Södermalm in Stockholm. Among the things I talked about was continuity and taking baby steps in the right direction. Most people have way too short time horizon for their goals. We are perpetually bombarded with lavish promises of six pack on Instagram and newspapers because most people are lazy as f-ck and sloth sells. But “Short cuts make long delays.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Have faith that what you put in every damn day is going to be fruitful in the end, and don’t ever stop enjoying the process.

Greatness comes from small beginnings.

PS! Take the first step today and contact me for personal training and/or my partner Crossfit Eken


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